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Veszprém welcomes an international team of volunteers!

A team of 12 international volunteers came to see how we are preparing for the European Capital of Culture 2023. They will be helping our team of over 200 'Shiny' volunteers over the next 3 weeks. For example, they will assist in orienting the international performers at the Street Music Festival, prepare a cultural quiz for visitors, but also give feedback on Veszprém from a new perspective during their three-week stay, so that we can be as well prepared as possible to welcome foreign tourists in 2023. 

The first few days are spent getting to know each other, and our colleagues share a wealth of useful information with the new team members, as our photo report shows:

We would like our international volunteer guests to have a great time in our city, as they can spread the good news of our city and the European Capital of Culture programme directly to six European countries.

We have found that there is a genuine curiosity and openness about our work, our ongoing events and our planned activities for the programme year. We are proud to introduce them to the beauty and treasures of Veszprém and the region, and inform them about the background and aims of the volunteer programme.

Members of the international volunteer team will be helping out on several occasions over the next three weeks, so please welcome them! Let them take back home with them many positive experiences to share with their respective local volunteers and people from abroad who are interested in the Veszprém-Balaton European Capital of Culture.


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